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  • Jiangxi University

    Jiangxi University

         "How about the food? You have a lot of canteen food is my favorite. I always eat clean, were you raised fat. We only fear a hurry ...

  • Huizhou Jing Hui Industry

    Huizhou Jing Hui Industry

          "Canteen might, attracting employees will run; when our big pressure, because before all of our own canteen operators, get well, ...

  • Shenzhen ORIENTAL weaving

    Shenzhen ORIENTAL weaving

         "Food is very close to my taste, but also enough weight, breed a lot of it; the quality of personnel are good; canteen manager was...

  • Dongguan Yang was clothing

    Dongguan Yang was clothing

         "Selection for a powerful, will the management of the canteen catering company to take care of factories and enterprises is very i...


How your company stationed in the cafeteria and will not affect the open meal?
Stationed in the cafeteria before the two sides (or tripartite) must be checked and the various type... [more]
Ask your company to take over the canteen how long?
Hello! After signing the contract, stationed in the number of meals over three thousand or three tho... [more]
How do site visits your company cafeteria?
Hello! You should choose your company a considerable scale factories and enterprises to visit the ca... [more]
How to identify pure edible oil and cooking oil?
       A taste to see two three four five Wen asked.        ... [more]
You too far away from us here.
Taiwan board has been able to in the fierce competition Riding, mainly adapted to the requirements o... [more]
Pick up items left diners how to do?
1, will be turned over to the cafeteria manager item. 2, through methods such as posting Staten ins... [more]
Improper operation diners dirty clothes (matter), how to do?
1, first sincerely apologize to the people, and quickly wipe it with a clean towel to help (if it is... [more]
How to deal with diners damage cutlery event?
1, immediately clean up broken dishes. 2, the parties expressed their understanding of the mistakes... [more]
How to deal with water and electricity event?
Water and electricity will directly affect the normal open cafeteria meal, no stove ventilation syst... [more]
How to deal with the food boxes in foreign body?
1, immediately apologize and withdraw food and returned to the kitchen and reported to the competent... [more]
Open postprandial variety of dishes monotonous how to do?
Can only apologize and explain:. "I'm sorry, because late, breed more will be wasteful." [more]
For free diner food to eat how to do?
Factories and enterprises canteen general discretion to meet special reason you need to face with an... [more]
How to deal with vexatious?
Should politely told: "You please wait" and then reported to superiors resolved. [more]
How do individual diners export rude?
We do the service sector, of course, not the object of the service name calling, but can explain app... [more]
How do require diners returned meals sold at?
According to health requirements can not be returned, you can add other vegetables for free varietie... [more]
When an individual meal varieties have been sold out, diners how to do when looking for?
In this regard, our request waiter replied: "I'm sorry already sold out, or ask you to buy anything ... [more]
You will be repeated speculation that a few dishes, dishes not good, bad taste this?
Once such a problem, and substantiated by the Division I-site cafeteria supervisor and chefs will be... [more]
How do you train staff?
Our set up job training, job training and organizes regular changing of the guard training; to ensur... [more]
You are on recipes by cuisine week to do it?
Yes, not only that, we will do some general <week recipes> no dishes listed on. [more]
Serving meals to ensure that enough?
Our canteen supply of rice, soup and drink all you can eat either; the weight of the dish is full sp... [more]
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10 kinds of vegetables, do not eat raw

10 kinds of vegetables, do not eat raw

      Influenced by Western diet, more and more of life to eat vegetables or salad or salad made of fruits and vegetables, nutrient rich and distinctive flavor sensation. But be careful, not all are suitable raw fruits and vegetables. Some fruits and vege...

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